Printing on Fabric

I have been working this past week on transferring some of the things I have learned to printing on a new substrate: canvas. These may eventually show up on some clothing if things go well.
This is a lightweight canvas that I am printing on here. It holds up very well to the cyanotype process. I am finding that some images that didn’t work as cyanotype prints on traditional papers, seem to be much more pleasing on the canvas. This is one of my most popular images, taking on a whole different mood when printed this way.

2 Responses to “Printing on Fabric”

  • Vina Says:

    Nice image! I ve been wanting to try canvas. IS it like the canvas used for painting? Wha tis the finish? Is it gessoed? Not sized? or ?? Where would I buy canvas?Art store? Fabric store? Did you change your chemistry from what you use for paper? Thank you.

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