Jan 18 2010

Gus & Gus

This is my latest effort with the Van Dyke brown printing process. It is Van Dyke over pigment and is accomplished by coating and contact printing the Van Dyke over colors laid down by my Epson printer. I chose a very challenging subject for this first print. Not only was I working with two negatives at the same time, but by choosing to add colors to the sign lettering, I had to insure perfect registration between the negatives and the pigment coloring underneath.

Jan 10 2010

An Homage to A. Adams

I try to get out to shoot the full moon whenever the weather cooperates. I had been shooting at another location from sunset through most of dusk and was heading home when I saw the full moon hanging over the beautiful little church on Indian Mission Rd. I pulled over into the field acroos the way and continued to shoot for another 15 minutes or so. I know it’s derivative, but I like it nonetheless.