Gus & Gus

This is my latest effort with the Van Dyke brown printing process. It is Van Dyke over pigment and is accomplished by coating and contact printing the Van Dyke over colors laid down by my Epson printer. I chose a very challenging subject for this first print. Not only was I working with two negatives at the same time, but by choosing to add colors to the sign lettering, I had to insure perfect registration between the negatives and the pigment coloring underneath.

2 Responses to “Gus & Gus”

  • Carol Watson Says:

    What a great look! I love the concept of combining pigment printing with Van Dyke contact prints. Did you print over the Van Dyke? I may have to try this!!

    Carol Watson

  • Jim Says:

    The Van Dyke is printed over the pigment print. The hardest part is maintaining registration with the negative(s). I guess you could print over the Van Dyke, but you could never be assured of accurate placement of the ink as it goes through the printer. If you were doing more of a watercolor wash type of look then it would probably work out alright.
    I have tried both pins and registration marks for alignment and think the marks work out much better.

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