Jan 11 2010


Another alternative printing process I have been experimenting with is cyanotype. This is one of the oldest photographic printing processes, and remains virtually unchanged from it’s invention by Sir John Herschel in 1842. The Prussian Blue color of the cyanotype doesn’t work for a lot of images, and I had to search hard to find photographs from my library which would be appropriate. This is one of my early attempts at contact printing and I think that it’s mildly successful. Since making this print, I have been concentrating most of my effort on perfecting the Van Dyke process because I feel it offers more potential across a wider range of image types. However, I have no doubt that I will soon return to the cyanotype process once I have fine tuned my technique.

Also, take note of the really poor coating technique on this print. The coating is almost as important to the aesthetics of the finished print as the image itself. Contrast this with the coating of of the Van Dyke print I shared a few days ago. There is about two weeks worth of learning separating these two prints.

Jan 10 2010

An Homage to A. Adams

I try to get out to shoot the full moon whenever the weather cooperates. I had been shooting at another location from sunset through most of dusk and was heading home when I saw the full moon hanging over the beautiful little church on Indian Mission Rd. I pulled over into the field acroos the way and continued to shoot for another 15 minutes or so. I know it’s derivative, but I like it nonetheless.

Jan 9 2010

Blue Ridge Parkway

Back in October, Eydie and I visited Virginia and North Carolina to spend a week traveling the length of Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway. We ran the gamut of weather from sunny skies to fog to torrential rain (remember that nor’easter that hit the coast? It hit us first). All in all, it was a great trip.
Eydie is a great assistant, helping to carry gear and holding an umbrella over me and the camera so as not to waste a good photo opportunity. In fact, some of my best photographs were made in the fog and drizzle.
Here is a small gallery of select images from that trip.

Jan 9 2010

Morning Photos

Here is a small gallery of photos from a couple of nice mornings. Mostly to test out posting galleries to my new blog.

Jan 8 2010

Van Dyke Brownprint

My first, full size Van Dyke brownprint.  The image is 6″x9″ on Arches Platine paper.  I was a little disappointed with the darkest tones in this print and am headed back to the drawing board.  I think my coating technique still needs some work.

Jan 7 2010

Hello world!

This is my very first blog post.  As soon as I acquire a basic understanding about how all this works, I’ll be using this blog to present new work, news, or perhaps thoughts on older work that I’ve never shown on my website.