Phil-Moor Cottages

I am grateful that I had the opportunity to make many photographs of these wonderful structures while they sat in this field on Route 9 near Georgetown, Delaware. They began their life in downtown Rehoboth Beach as small rental cottages before being sold at auction in the name of “development”. They spent about 2 years in this field before being purchased by someone else who has since resold many of them individually. I know of at two that have been restored back to living condition and I can only hope that the other three will also find good homes with loving owners.

I made photographs of these structures in every season while they stood here. This image was made in the fall, when the trees had nice color (which gives them a variegated look in black and white) and the foreground was full of soybeans that were dried and ready to be harvested.

This is my most recent effort in the Van Dyke process and is one of my best alt process prints to date. I don’t think the scan does it justice. The actual image is 4″x9″ on Arches Platine paper. It will be toned in selenium to improve archival qualities which will also alter the tone and color a little bit.

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  • Scott Gamble Says:

    I ran across your site looking for info on the Phil-Moor cottages to help in the restoration of #2 (the last one not sold) which I purchased last year and had moved to my property this spring …

    any pictures or info would be appreciated !!!

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