San Miguel de Allende

“The air was soft, the stars so fine, the promise of every cobbled alley so great that I thought I was in a dream.” -Jack Kerouac

My reason for visiting San Miguel de Allende was primarily to photograph around the Day of the Dead, but a large part of our time there was spent simply wandering around the town, totally free of any agenda. I was checking things out to determine if this was a place I could relocate to for a few years while I recharge my creative batteries and immerse myself in the task of learning the Spanish language. It is really quite a lovely place, full of friendly people and, literally, a photograph waiting around every corner.

Here is a gallery that will give you a general idea of the local architecture.

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  • kj wong Says:

    Hi, Saw your lovely photos via Especially love the first photo of the Parroquia with flags at night. Is it possible to obtain a print of this photo? Thanks! Kalane

  • Jim Says:

    Yes, prints are available for all of my photographs. Most of the images in these SMA galleries would be available as 6″x9″ (approx.) prints matted and ready for an 11″x14″ frame. All of my photos are archival pigment prints on 100% cotton rag papers. The mats are 100% cotton rag and all materials are acid free. The price for this size print is $60 USD which includes shipping anywhere in the US.
    Larger prints would need to be shipped in a tube and would not include a mat. Larger print prices (12″x18″) start at $150. I have made prints for clients as large as 40″x70″ and regularly print at 30″x40″. Prices available upon request.

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